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In this page, you can find Bioinformatics Seminar Topics for Biomedical Engineering Abstracts, Free Reports, PPT, Presentation, Documentation, PDF and DOC downloads


Rapid advances in Bioinformatics are providing new hopes to patients of life threatening diseases. Gene chips will be able to screen heart attack and diabetics years before patients develop symptoms. In near future, patients will go to a doctor's clinic with lab- on- a- chip devices. The device will inform the doctor in real time if the patient's ailment will respond to a drug based on his DNA. These will help doctors diagnose life-threatening illness faster, eliminating expensive, time-consuming ordeals like biopsies and sigmoidoscopies. Gene chips reclassify diseases based on their underlying molecular signals, rather than misleading surface symptoms. The chip would also confirm the patient's identity and even establish paternity.

Bioinformatics is an inter disciplinary research area. It is a fusion of computing, biotechnology and biological sciences. Bioinformatics is poised to one of the most prodigious growth areas in the next to decades. Being the interface between the most rapidly advancing fields of biological and computational sciences, it is immense in scope and vast in applications.

Bioinformatics is the study of biological information as it passes from its storage site in the genome to the various gene products in the cell. Bioinformatics involves the creation and computational technologies for problems in molecular biology. As such ,it deals with methods for storing, retrieving and analyzing biological data, such as nuclei acid (DNA/RNA)and protein sequence, structures, functions, path ways and interactions.


Parkinson's disease is caused by a brain messenger dopamine, which is a product of dying brain cells. This disease causes uncontrolled movements or tremors on body parts.

Drug therapy for Parkinson's disease aims to replace dopamine but the drugs effect wear off after some time. This causes the erratic movements coming back to the patients.

Activa implant is a biochip which uses high frequency electrical pulses to reversibly shut off the thalamus. These chips turn off brain signals that cause the uncontrolled movements or tremors. The implantation surgery is far simpler. Electrodes will be entered in to the thalamus region whose extension is connected to the pulse generator placed near the chest. The pulse generator generates pulses according to the heart beat of the patient.

If there are any post operative problems the simulator (pulse generator) can be simply turned off.


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